The Women of Beta Omicron-University of Iowa:

Kappa Alpha Theta For a Lifetime: Life Loyal Program

There are many ways to support Kappa Alpha Theta, and becoming a Life Loyal member is one of them. Kappa Alpha Theta Life Loyal is a program that was developed to provide enhanced services to members and to recognize those who support the Fraternity financially. Believing in the true worth and merit of Kappa Alpha Theta, Life Loyal members are helping to create ethical, social, and educational programs that develop women of integrity and character.

Kappa Alpha Theta Life Loyal consists of collegians and alumnae of all ages who choose to continue to take advantage of their Kappa Alpha Theta membership and stay connected to our sisterhood long after their college years. They include scores of women from all across the globe who have added distinction to themselves and Kappa Alpha Theta by joining Life Loyal.

Kappa Alpha Theta Life Loyal was created to honor and recognize the thousands of dedicated Thetas who have lived our ideals and who want better services for collegiate and alumnae members. When a recent study showed overwhelmingly that Theta alumnae and collegians wanted a more inspiring, entertaining and contemporary magazine, we did something about it! In addition to using membership fees to enhance and support services for our membership, a large majority of the revenue is being invested in an endowment fund for the perpetuation and enhancement of The Kappa Alpha Theta Magazine. Kappa Alpha Theta hopes for wide support of this program because it helps take the increasingly difficult burden of paying for The Magazine off the shoulders of collegiate members and allows Theta to invest in meaningful and exciting magazine enhancements.

You can join a growing number of Kappa Alpha Theta Life Loyal members today. Life Loyal will be launched in the summer of 2010 at Grand Convention. By 2016, only those members who join Life Loyal, are current collegians, or who purchase an annual subscription will receive the print version of The Magazine. Lifetime subscriptions will only be guaranteed to Kappa Alpha Theta Life Loyals. This change in the subscription program for The Magazine will be phased in over the next six years.

We want you to join us in becoming a Kappa Alpha Theta Life Loyal charter member. Your support for this new program will keep the spirit of our Fraternity going strong and pave the way for a brighter, more successful future.

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